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Great News!

Thank you for your continued support and your loyalty to Pizza Express.

In an effort to better serve you and to continue to provide the best experience, we have introduced a 


Pepperoni Pizza
Delivery Man

Whats New

  • Faster and more reliable delivery 

With our new online ordering platform, we are leaning on third-party applications to support us with providing additional drivers, along with our in-house staff/drivers. By joining venture with third party such as Doordash and others, we are able to shrink the delivery time and assure our customers that their food will arrive in a timely fashion.

  • Fallow your food/driver on the map

Because of our direct affiliation with third-party delivery companies, we have secured an exclusive deal provided to businesses like ours, a great network of screened and professional drivers. Our affiliation also includes the ability to use their mapping system, allowing our customers to track their food and know exactly when it leaves the store and where it is on the map.

  • Text notification

Features included as part of this direct affiliation is the feature for our customers to get text notification if they wish, included and not limited to when the food leaves the store and when it has been delivered. Also the ability to communicate with your driver only during an open order.

And much more!... Try it today!

If you do not wish to use our new and improved online platform, our old Online platform is still available below.

Please read before entering our online ordering system..


After clicking on "ORDER NOW", you will be redirected to our online ordering system. There are a couple of things to know before you get started. Please read this helpful information carefully.


1) We accept all major credit and debit cards and cash for online ordering. NO CHECKS.


2) If you wish to add a tip onto your credit card for your delivery driver, please do so in the box on the credit card screen, before submitting your order. If your tip is in cash,do not add tip onto the order, simply hand tip to driver at door. This will help us expedite your order.


3) When ordering, please check your cart to make sure everything is accurate. If you realize you have made a mistake after sending an order, contact Pizza Express immediately to address your issue or mistake. We will be glad to help; otherwise, we will not be responsible for mistakes made during your online order.


4) Some areas of the online ordering system may take a few seconds to respond. ( Although this is rare) Please make sure you don't double click on any area, encluded in the final stage of submitting your order.


Enjoy Our Online Ordering System! Provided By Pizza Express Located In Chester Va.

Thank You from Pizza Express Management 

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