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8 Reasons why Pizza Express Is the Best In Town

1.Fast Delivery

Actually its Express Delivery! We invest a lot of time and resources to make sure our customers get their food as quick as humanly possible. We keep more staff per shift per day compared to our competition, assuring that our customer receive their food fast and piping hot!


Pizza Express is known for Pizza, but what sets us apart from our competitors is the variety of our menu. Mom can order a salad and a wrap, while little Jimmy can get a Cheeseburger, and Dad? He loves our huge Strombolis.


In the food industry, being fast has always been synonymous of cheap. We never liked this philosophy and it shouldn't be this way. So we changed it. Coming from a background of fine dining and mom and pop restaurant, we incorporated the quality of a sit down restaurant into the delivery system.. well the rest is history!

4.Customer Service 

Because we are a Mom and Pop owned restaurant, customer service is personal to us.

We strive to hire only motivated staff, who understand and share our principals.

When customers shop with us, they know what they are getting, including the service they deserve from a familiar face. 

5. Consistency

When we opened in 2006, we knew right away we were on to something. Our customers where raving about our product and they became our spokesperson, telling all of their friends and family about this new little place in Chester. Well as we grew, we never lost our focus on the consistency. We have and continue to invest in making sure all our customers are happy every single time, no matter how busy we will ever be!

6. Innovation/Technology

One of the ways we've kept up with high demand, has been technology. We expanded our online ordering system when the technology was in its infancy with our mobile App... and our fortune 500 company phone system.. This was a challenge since at the time these services where not available to small business. With a little effort we found and partnered with a few companies, and today we have an online ordering platform that is second to none!

7. Best Deals

Because of our diverse menu and the various food options to choose from, our customers return several times a week. For this reason we've created recurring weekly specials. 

We constantly look for way to save our customers money, and with our weekly email offers, our customers will never miss a deal.

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8. We Support Our Community 

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